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How to Train Your Dragon (2010)
Director: Dean DeBlois Casts: Category: Children's/Family Comedy Drama Views: 524567 Rate This Movie: Rating: 4.6 out of 42 votes

Long ago up North on the Island of Berk, the young Viking, Hiccup, wants to join his town's fight against the dragons that continually raid their town. However, his macho father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, will not allow his small, clumsy, but inventive son to do so. Regardless, Hiccup ventures out into battle and downs a mysterious Night Fury dragon with his invention, but can't bring himself to kill it. Instead, Hiccup and the dragon, whom he dubs Toothless, begin a friendship that would open up both their worlds as the observant boy learns that his people have misjudged the species. But even as the two each take flight in their own way, they find that they must fight the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.



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ruffertrh (1 month ago):
Well done little movie. Very good animation & graphics. Story, tho simple, moves very well. Nicely entertaining. Report Bad

ktdatura (1 month ago):
this was a good film, for kids and adults! Report Bad

mb_vv (1 month ago):
Cute movie. One of the better kids' movies. Report Bad

melcerena (1 month ago):
this is definetily one of my favorite movies ever! don't miss it! you will enjoy it so so much :3 Report Bad

raadden (1 month ago):
Megavideo quality wasn't good... As they are all the same TS. Report Bad

Adipsycho (1 month ago):
I must have seen this movie like 20 times & yet i do not tire of it so yes i just watched it again & yes i loved it as much as the first time! 50/10!! :D Report Bad

Adderlol (1 month ago):
10/10 would and will watch again. Report Bad

XmaKenZie (1 month ago):
Watched it on the tv last night, always gets me at the end >.< Report Bad

XmaKenZie (1 month ago):
this was a cute movie =p & the dragon reminded me on my bff's cat haha =p Report Bad

RMT197 (1 month ago):
one of my favourite animated movies of all time!! Report Bad

chinaeyess (1 month ago):
Great Animation Movie Report Bad

diehardgolfer (1 month ago):
my friend had me watch this with her and it was really good. i wouldnt mind pet dragon after this movie. worth watching. Report Bad

girl_a_blaze (1 month ago):
watched version 35.. most stuff on videoweed is good quality and loads fast.. great movie, loved it.. my lil boy did too. I recommend 4/5 stars Report Bad

asreal (1 month ago):
What can I say/type, just another great animation flick thats great to watch for all ages,from me this flick racked up a strong: B. Report Bad

Drake89 (1 month ago):
cute movie I liked it Report Bad

TheComedyQueen (1 month ago):
Lovely animation, I love the way they've made the dragons move. Very touching and funny story. Report Bad

Zombiegirl (1 month ago):
the dragon is like my cat :D liked that movie Report Bad

CoolayLee (1 month ago):
Thank yous to yous we say!! Report Bad

leesie_baby (1 month ago):
One of my favorite animated films. It has a great story line which is never boring. Can't wait for number 2. Report Bad

jeeplady (1 month ago):
I will watch this movie a 100 times before I get tired of it. Great animation. Great story line. Wonderful all around. 10/10 Report Bad

BabyRielz (1 month ago):
watched in cinema 3D, pretty awesome moviee, 5/5 i teared at some parts too :') i <3 Toothless so much, i'd want him as a Pet! ;D Report Bad

DanaM71 (1 month ago):
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this movie! My hubby and I both watched it and we both agree 100%,we loved it. Report Bad

martaf (1 year ago):
Saw it on the cinema, and i tought it was a great 3D movie. At the first i tought it was just a kids movie, but it was pretty good. It has an amazing story line, and cool grapichs. The Characters are also great , and i'm going to buy it on DVD ! Worth to watch ! I give it 5/5. Report Bad

Mikey8567 (1 year ago):
Well let me start this with WOW! I usually watch the Anime and the work from Pixar, and the other film CO's that put out "Cartoons" but I'm damn glad I took the time and watched this! The story is incredible, the concept is fresh and new, the art is very good and the acting is well above par. In all this is a movie for all! Especially the kids and family, and even the "Grown Up's" that like a good movie even if it's done in a cartoon. I will plan on buying this when it hits the DVD shelves and plan on watching it a few more times. It just goes to show in this time and age that the concept of an under achiever can do great things if only they try! Report Bad

Posski (1 year ago):
Well.ally gr8 movie..illant story line...encouraging with some lessons for us all and lots of clever humor.t of a surprise at the end..a sadness turned around to be very powerful...watched a cam copy..ittle dark..but it's for nothing . I'm happy..enjoy!! Report Bad

trusiccness (1 year ago):
Well what can i say, dreamworks came to the table to play with this movie. Good story, good graphics, all in all a great family film girl loved the night dragon. All the little guys training to fight and kill dragons were funny. Hiccups dad is not to shabby as well, not to bad Mr. Butler. I would suggest this movie to anyone, the 3d version in IMAX is great. Thanks dreamworks for another great film! Report Bad

TruRedhead (1 year ago):
A really good movie that is for everyone! It's a sweet story and in the end you will be waiting for the squeal! The Visual Effects are great and the the story is imaginative and creative. It will leave you wanting more. A definite must watch for the warm of heart! 5/5 Enjoy! Report Bad

Sarsaparilla (1 year ago):
The movie was a basic run off of a misunderstanding between two different entities. Again writers use a child to bridge an understanding between the two of them. It's missing some basic points in the fact that no one listens to children so he couldn't have bridged a gap. And the odds of a wild animal becoming tame within a week or two is 0. It's a feel good movie for kids giving them false hope. Report Bad

taylorcer7 (1 year ago):
Wow i like this movie bacause it was very exciting to watch and comfortableis movie was amazing.I think this movie had good thing in it.I was exciting to watch and often want to again and again.I want to this movie in every time and everywhereis movie was very comfortable and neat.Actor and actress have amazing to act.Actress is cute and prettye was very good to act in a flime is nice and neate can act anyhow.Whever she's amazingso actor was the same as actress.He is handsome and good looking.He was very good to act.He was a good talking and actorey both have amazing thingey persuated that people often want to watch their movie.I want to watch this movie in any time and anywhere cause it's had alot of interest thing in it.I think this movie was exciting for everyone not only me.I was very impressed to watch htis movieis movie make me fell better when i'm sadis was a very good movie.I would say this movie is my favorite movie was very good to watch.I love and like and compliment about this movie.I like it! Report Bad

ashish_asokan (1 year ago):
Grab your kids. Grab your popcorn. Grab your 3D glares and go fall in love with Toothless, the dangerous dragon who ends up as one of the most adorable animated creatures after the Kung Fu Panda. And yes, while you soar in the sky with him, in full 3D splendour, ducking for his tale swishes and his toothless darts, do send out some salutations for teen hero Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), who not only speaks some of the smartest lines in recent animation cinema, he also endears himself to you Report Bad

girl_a_blaze (1 year ago):
This movie tells the story of a misfit viking who is desperate to kill a dragon to prove himself to his people. That is until he actually is presented with the opportunity. He befriends a the wounded dragon and helps it fly. As he learns the dragons secrets the vikings of the village believe that he is a great dragon slayer. When they learn the truth, that he is great friends with the dragon, he is shunned and can only watch as his father and the great warriors of his village set sail in hopes to find the dragon's nest and kill the animals so they never return. The boy is forced to choose between his people and his friends the dragon's. Can he save the dragon's from slaughter? I loved this movie! It has a lot of action and the characters are great! I'm not very into kid's movies but this movie is well prepared for the whole family. It's funny, and witty, and it will keep you entertained from the opening scene to the very last second. I give this movie 4/5 stars. Report Bad

johneboy00 (1 year ago):
Great film put up a xtshare link. Report Bad

Manga_Guy (2 years ago):
There will be a How to train your dragon 2 coming out in 2014 just in case anyone wanted to know. Report Bad

megamanx8 (2 years ago):
it's the best movie i've ever seen love it and especial the dragon NightFury i wish they make second part love it 1000/1000 Report Bad

Pilg0r (2 years ago):
When I decided to watch this movie, I wasn't expecting much. I was amazed by how much this movie held my attention. It is by far my fav animated movie. Report Bad

Mizty (2 years ago):
Truly Enjoyed this one!! Great movie.. 10/10 Report Bad

glittereyes (2 years ago):
I enjoyed ,, waiting for 2nd part .. Report Bad

Cartipper (2 years ago):
This was an adorable movie. Went to the theaters to watch it, and it was worth it. Great family movie. Report Bad

bunnyxx (2 years ago):
it was cute movie :) i love that dragon ;DD <3 Can learn from it (: Report Bad

Nyl (2 years ago):
VERY recommendable movie it's cute and funny and one of the best animated movies i have ever seen! Report Bad

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