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Hell Baby (2013)
Director: Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon Casts: Category: Comedy Horror Views: 900 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.6 out of 6 votes

An expectant couple who moves into the most haunted house in New Orleans call upon the services of the Vatican's elite exorcism team to save them from a demonic baby.



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lmred (9 months ago):
Movie is considered a comedy so
rt like scary movie! Report Bad

jessevanzant (9 months ago):
this movie is funny its not supose to be good its ment to be stupid like all horror spoofs. i hate it when people watch a movie with a stupid sounding title and say its dumb well theres your sign Report Bad

arson1999 (9 months ago):
a very good movie this movie is funny Report Bad

LegendHye (9 months ago):
Not a very good movie at all, if I would have known I would have given it a miss... You have been warned. Report Bad

ingozi (9 months ago):
Geez, and I love Reno911! But...I...just..n't. 3/10 Report Bad

billybong12 (9 months ago):
only funny part 19:00. 5/10 Report Bad

jyoung36 (11 months ago):
seeeeeee........ I told ya! lol Report Bad

Punchy (11 months ago):
F'resnel was awesome. Report Bad

gobelsmith (11 months ago):
had its moments, But I will admit, about half way threw I jumped to the end. 5/10 Report Bad

HOMICIDE (11 months ago):
Mmmmm Mrs. Nussbaum Report Bad

chefette (11 months ago):
@jyoung36 your review sold me on watching this. I hate scary movies and I really spoofs of scary movies, but I loved this movie, so refreshingly camp and honest about what it is. Its very hard to be original in the horror, comedy, spoof genres but this movie had me in stitches. "are you ok to drive" and the subsequent drive had me crying, I freaking loved this movie. 8/10 Report Bad

mg_nificent (11 months ago):
Man, when everyone on Solar loves a comedy I really get excited! This one just didn't seem so funny to me. The naked old lady scenes...good grief was that nasty..ybe I needed a couple glasses of that paint thinner wine to enjoy it??? 3/10 Report Bad

meabbas (11 months ago):
funny worthy a watch Report Bad

flevoman84 (11 months ago):
Hahaha that was one scary baby :P Report Bad

curiousitykittie (11 months ago):
Well now ... too late I done had one of these ... heheh ... Hell Baby is an American horror-comedy film written and directed by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon. The film stars Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Keegan Michael Key, Riki Lindhome, Paul Scheer, and Rob Huebel. Writer-directors Garant and Lennon also co-star as a pair of priests. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2013. Report Bad

jerseyboy357 (44 years ago):
Heh, all the links are aged 9 months. That, plus the comments, I need to watch this now. Report Bad


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