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Raze (2013)
Director: Josh C. Waller Casts: Category: Action Horror Views: 2781 Rate This Movie: Rating: 3.5 out of 15 votes

Raze, a horror/action film, focuses on two abducted women & 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands.



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IOANA200K (1 month ago):
great movie-love it 10/10 Report Bad

dominusluna (2 months ago):
Great flick. Lots of action and a twisted storyline like you might find with the victims in the Hostel movies. Good fight scenes too. Report Bad

arson1999 (2 months ago):
AWESOME! Report Bad

intrepid4me (5 months ago):
no surprise that zoe bell was cast as the lead. she delivers as always. Report Bad

aikidoman (6 months ago):
Zoe Bell is a real stunt woman in real life, she also starred in Death Proof with Kurt Russell Report Bad

MPA2000 (6 months ago):
Not bad. Don't know who Zoe Bell is but, in the future they should hire real MMA fighters to do these scenes. Report Bad

OldmanvsMidget (6 months ago):
cant wait about to watch love zoe bell Report Bad

bethtinajero (6 months ago):
Very good movie.... Action Packed, emotional, kinda like a all girl blood sport....but fighting to the death to keep there family or someone important alive.. Report Bad

allwaysalways (6 months ago):
dumb. Report Bad

kryion (6 months ago):
Very good movie. I've actually wanted to watch it for a while now since seeing the trailer and I was not disappointed. I loved Zoe Bell in this she was so amazing. Report Bad

Kappa1911 (44 years ago):
This movie would be better if it consisted of monsters / killers fighting against each other for survival, otherwise, don't waste your time. 2.5 out 10 rating. Report Bad

chinkey20 (44 years ago):
i didnt even watch 10 m worth ... Report Bad

chicago111 (44 years ago):
this movie is just mindless violence.you can say that about a lot of movies nowadays but this one ranks high on my liste acting was bad. the people annoying. and the story goes know where. i want my 90 minutes back Report Bad


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